Solana Tech Roundup #38

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Published October 10, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

Versioned transactions and address lookup tables are now live! You can test them out on mainnet today. With address lookup tables, you can now use up to 255 accounts in a single transaction. Be sure to check out the integration guide if you have questions.

As a reminder, if you're a developer going to Breakpoint November 4-7, make sure you apply for a discounted developer ticket.

Proposal Highlight

Timely Vote Credits

The proposal is to award a variable number of vote credits per voted on slot, with more credits given for votes with "less latency". This is to avoid the known issue where validators are modifying their clients to delay voting until they can make votes that are less likely to expire, causing issues on the network. Credits reward schedule will have a built in "grace period" to avoid encouraging tight geographical concentration.

This proposal is still being discussed! If you want to add to the discussion, be sure to check out the Timely Vote Credits draft on Github.

Commit Highlights

Compute costs are significantly lowering related to curve25519 operations to be more realistic!

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