Solana Tech Roundup #31

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Published August 22, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

This past week the Solana StackExchange entered public beta. If you haven't created an account already, come check it out. A validator client written in C by Jump Crypto named Firedancer was announced. This second validator client for Solana is exciting and brings a whole set of new capabilities. A collaborative Developer Experience Board was created this past week in an effort for the community to improve building on Solana. If you have issues or a recommendation on something that would make Solana easier, please add an issue to the board.

Proposal Highlight

Scrambled Transactions


The proposal for scrambled transactions takes an aim at making MEV economically unviable. Scrambled transactions introduces a 2-step process to reveal transaction information to keep leaders on the network from knowing incoming transactions while packing a new block. The cost of scrambling creates a small latency increase network-wide as well as an additional step in consensus.

This proposal is still being drafted and has not been accepted nor implemented. If you're interested in adding to the proposal, join the discussion!

Commit Highlights

Address lookup tables now have a nice view on the explorer. Checkout out the new address lookup table details page.

Program accounts cannot be accidentally close anymore with solana program close. You are required to pass an extra flag in order to bypass the warning that keeps you from auto-closing program accounts.

List of Changes

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