Solana Tech Roundup #25

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Published July 11, 2022

Solana Tech Roundup

Iterations on bug fixes and QA for QUIC is still happening. Compute budget changes on transactions will be updating this coming week to be calculated based on the number of instructions. Transactions V2 will be coming soon after and is available today on Devnet.

Proposal Highlight

Minimum Stake Delegation Increase


There is a proposal to increase to minimum stake delegation from 1 lamport to 1 SOL. This proposal will affect any staking applications, wallets, and more.

Why was this change made?

During reward distribution at the beginning of every epoch, there are a large number of accounts that the leader must compute on to determine the rewards. Reward calculations scale linearly with the number of stake accounts, and can stall progress if the calculation takes seconds.

How will minimum stake delegation increase?

There is a requirement for an on-chain vote using the feature-proposal program to go live.

Commit Highlights

When you set your compute price to get your transactions prioritized, it will be in micro-lamports, not lamports.

RPC got support for base58 and base64 encoding, adding to both getProgramAccounts and programSubscribe.

List of Changes

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July 6

July 7

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