Squads Multisig Program Library

Frame 13

License: AGPL v3

SMPL is a collection of programs for creation and management of multisig wallets on Solana.

Currently SMPL contains:

  • Squads V3 on-chain program: powerful multisig wallet for teams and secure individuals
  • Program manager: supporting program to manage program upgrades with Squads V3

Technical information about SMPL can be found in the program


Mainnet & Devnet

Both programs are Anchor verified.

Our vision

Solana needed a multisig the ecosystem could rely on, so we built one.


To make sure that Squads V3 is secure we did the following:

  • independent security audit with Bramah Systems
  • independent security audit with OtterSec
  • running the Sec3 premium tool after any changes to the on-chain code
  • written the program in Anchor (a framework for quickly building secure Solana programs)
  • kept the codebase minimal
  • open sourced the codebase
  • asked a number of established teams in the ecosystem to review the code and give their feedback

Our goal is to make Squads V3 on-chain program non-upgradeable as soon as possible.


This software is released under AGPL-3.0 license.